SCREEN TIME: TikTok is beating YouTube in a UK head-to-head

Broadcasters have a comprehensive rule book when they are reporting on elections.

In that book, outlying polls are not reported until they are supported by at least two other polls. It saves everyone from looking stupid.#

So, I was fascinated to be forwarded a link to a US study which shows that US and UK TikTok users spend more time watching the Chinse-owned channel than they do YouTube. Thanks for the spot, Gareth Wood.

The figure is 24 hours of content plus a month for TikTok against 14 hours for YouTube.

Now the small print. This was Android users only. And it is limited to the platform’s users. So, disclaimers right there.

No, I don’t think anyone should be deleting YouTube but it does show the trend towards video accelerated by the pandemic and will get a further boost as 5G continues to roll out.

But what it also does, I think, is to again re-inforce the position of TikTok as a genuine contender and something to really take seriously as a channel.

One of the reasons for these figures is that TikTok users leave the platform feeling happier. For social media in 2021 this is quite a novel experience.

If you’ve not tried it yet, try it.

Here are some clips to get you started.

History Hit is a subscription History TV channel and their video here shows a quick viewing of historic gloves, Dr Julie Smith remains my favourite clinician narrowly ahead of GP Dr Nighat Arif.

Liverpool City Council show how you can do place marketing effortlessly. You can see what deep sea fishermen do to protect fish stocks and one of my favourites a block who does one minute beer reviews.

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