COVID COMMS #43: What 12-months of attitudes polling during the pandemic show

Results of a year of polling globally on COVID-19 has been published and it deserves to be looked at.

In the UK, it seems we are becoming more trusting of UK government and the vaccine.

We also are fine working from home while a minority struggle to do so, according to the YouGov/Imperial College data.

While the study is global, the data is published for the UK.


We are hand washers. 97 per cent of people are doing that to stop the spread.

We’re not that happy at using face masks. Almost 40 per cent have reported difficulty using them. Eighty per cent regularly wear a mask while 16 per cent never do – the 4th highest rate in the q14 countries surveyed.

We work from home. A total of 69 per cent have avoided going out to work while 21 per cent never have.

We avoid going out. Those avoiding going out are at 81 per cent.

We find it easy and are willing to self isolate. 73 per cent say it would be no problem while 19 per cent say it would be a problem. Overall, 97 per cent are happy to self-isolate.

We think Government is improving. Those who think the UK administration have done well have moved over 12-months from 36 per cent to 45 per cent. Those who think its done badly have moved from 59 to 49 per cent.

We have confidence in the NHS. More than 80 per cent back the health service a figure hardly changed over 12-months. The 15 per cent that don’t haven’t changed their minds in the period.

We are in favour of COVID-19 vaccines. 67 per cent are in favour in April 2021 over the 24 per cent who aren’t.

Fears over vaccine side effects have been calmed. In April, the figure had almost halved to 27 per cent. 83 per cent trust the vaccine while 17 per cent don’t.

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