TRAINING UPDATE: Quickety quick, two more online start dates are up

Hey, pop-pickers.

It struck me this morning that I haven’t blogged about the online training I’m doing for a while so here’s a heads-up of some new dates I’ve posted.

The ESSENTIAL COMMS SKILLS BOOSTER is five different blocks each of an hour in length delivered online so they fit more easily into busy days. It’s designed to be a crash course in the things you’ll need to get to grips with 2021.

The five elements

MEDIA LANDSCAPE AND COMMS PLANNING. The landscape is changing and its useful to know how people are consuming content. What worked last year may not mean it works this year. You may not know that WhatsApp is now the third largest channel in the UK.

CREATING CONTENT AND UNDERSTANDING THE ALGORITHM. It’s fine to create content but what if it goes against the algorithm? It won’t reach as many people. You may not know that adding a link to Twitter is penalised.

UNDERSTANDING NEW CHANNELS. We’ll look at TikTok, WhatsApp and Nextdoor. You may not know that that there are 12 million TikTok users in the UK.

WORKING WITH FACEBOOK GROUPS. Facebook is the second largest channel in the UK. Two thirds of users use groups. So how best to connect? You may not know that you can join a group as a page but its always down to the admin whether they let you in or not.

HOW TO HANDLE COMMENT, CRITICISM AND ABUSE. The theory is fine. But what happens when people shout? Relax, there’s a flowchart I’ll take you through. You may not know that a set of house rules that govern your social channels make taking action far easier.

So far I’ve posted 11 sessions. There’s two more on the website.

programme #11 starting 4.3.21

programme #12 starting 10.2.21

Shout if you want to chat about running the session in-house.

More will follow.

Shout if you’re interested.

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