EYES DOWN: An end of year quiz for comms people

Your Christmas jumper is on and the workstation has tinsel… what better way than easing off than with a fiendishly hard 2020 quiz for comms people.

Part teaching device and part team building exercise this is a chance to pit your wits.

Take ha tea break to run this quiz past your colleagues to see how well you can do with this mixed bag of media stats and data points that every self-respecting comms person needs to know.

Answers are at the bottom of the post.

Q1 – In 2020, which is the largest social platform in the UK, according to Ofcom?

A) Facebook

B) YouTube

C) TikTok

D) Twitter

Q2 – What was the combined TV audience for Boris Johnson’s lockdown address to the nation in March?

A) 22.6 million

B) 30.1 million

C) 18.9 million

D) 27.1 million

Q3 – In 2020, we’ve never spent more time online. How long is the national average?

A) 4 hours 2 minutes

B) 3 hours 57 minutes

C) 5 hours 9 minutes

D) 2 hours 26 minutes

Q4: How many Netflix subscribers are there in 2020?

A) 7.1 milluion

B) 17.1 million

C) 12.4 million

D) 6.3 million

Q5: How many people like the Downing Street Facebook page?

A) 1.2 million

B) 4.3 million

C) 1.5 million

D) 10.1 million

Q6: What percentage of all Facebook users are members of Facebook groups?

A) 10 per cent

B) 66 per cent

C) 42 per cent

D) 71 per cent

Q7 – How much did Sir Captain Tom Moore raise through his sponsored walk?

A) 14 million

B) 40 million

C) 44 million

D) 130 million

Q8) What is the most popular museum anywhere in the world on TikTok?

A) New York Museum of Modern Art

B) Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

C) The Louvre, Paris

D) The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley

Q9: On average, how long does an adult spend watching video in 2020?

A) 29 minutes a day

B) 4 minutes a day

C) 14 minutes a day

D) 59 minutes a day

Q10: According to industry regulators PAMco how many people read a national news title in print or online in 2020?

A) 8 million

B) 18 million

C) 30 million

D) 16 million

Q11: What is QAnon?

A) A disproved conspiracy theory that alleges a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophioles run a global sex trafficking ring and plot against Donald Trump

B) A series of posts on anonymous messageboard 4Chan.

C) A movement classified by the FBI as a domestic terror threat.

D) All of the above.

Q12: Which track is used in the 2020 John Lewis ad?

A) Please, Please, lease Let Me Get What I Want

B) Your Song

C) Give A Little Love

D) Somewhere Only We Know

Q13: What is the most popular messaging platform in the UK used by 40 per cent of adults daily?

A) Messenger

B) WhatsApp

C) Telegram

D) Signal

Q14: Which pop star is the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS choir singing with for their attempt at a Christmas number 1?

A) Justin Beiber

B) Harry Styles

C) Maria Carey

D) Cliff Richards

Q15: If over 55s hold the record for spending time on news sites with 25 minutes a day how long do 18-year-olds spend on news sites?

A) 15 minutes

B) 3 minutes

C) 4 minutes

D) 12 minutes

Q1: A: YouTube, Q2: D: 27.1 million Q3: A: 4 hours 2 minutes Q4: C: 12.4 million Q5: A: 1.2 million Q6: B: 66 per cent Q7: B: 40 million Q8: D: Black Country Museum with 367,000 followers Q9: A: 29 minutes a day Q10: C: 30 million Q11: D: All of the above Q12: C: Give A Little Love Q13: B WhatsApp Q14: A: Justin Beiber Q15: D 12 minutes.

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