THREE TIERS: It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas: Christmas present ideas for comms and PR people

Here in the Black Country, the festive season officially starts when BBC Radio WM play Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everyone.’

So, from July onwards, the good people of Tipton have been carol singing and there’s been mince pie baking in Lower Gornal.

By the time the Big Day comes we’ll all be over-excited.

Just think. If the Second Coming happened in a barn in Bentley the three wise men would be bringing a West Wing t-shirt, Four Seasons Total Landscaping mug and public sector Top Trumps.

In this strange year, here are some crowd-sourced present ideas from members of the Public Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group.

Forget the pandemic tiers, here’s some ideas…

Beer from the Black Sheep brewery

My brother works for Black Sheep brewery in Masham, Yorkshire. They’ve had quite a tough year. Pubs have been closed for a lot of 2020 and things have moved online. Make Andy Slee happy by ordering some excellent Yorkshire beer.


Four Seasons Total Landscaping mug

If there’s one defining image of 2020, its Rudy Giuliani discovering that Donald Trump had just lost live at a press conference outside a gardening company.

By accident, they booked a gardening company not the hotel of the same name. At the centre of the storm, Four Seasons Total Landscaping took the ball and they ran with it.


A coffee and alcohol the coffee holding this shit show together mug

There’s two flaws in this present idea. That’s that you have to order from Australia. And 2020 has hardly been a year for travel. But if you need to drink on your commute from the kitchen to the dining room table this baby is for you. Leaves on the line? Time for another drink!


A magic tricks set

Hey comms people! Have YOU been asked to weave your magic? Imagine the thrills on pulling out a REAL magic set with Marvin’s Magic Tricks set. BOOM!


A Tiger King colouring book

I am tiger. Hear me roar. The surprise smash hit of the year was murder-for-hire Netflix true crime mini series Tiger King. While away Christmas Day by colouring in the main protagonists as you ponder the most acceptable reply to the incoming tweet: “Hey non-job! You’re murdering us with your face masks!”. MORE HERE.

Public relations because someone has to make you look good stickers

Stickers are good and fun. You can add them to your works station, mobile phone, notebook and fridge. With these stickers you can provide some passive aggressive trolling that’s bound to go over their heads.


Workplace moodswings flip book


That’ll be you with this fantastic workplace moodswing approach / don’t approach warning flag. Works even on Zoom. Actually, it’s espacially good for Zoom. MORE HERE.

Fucking strong coffee

If music is the food of love then coffee is the muse of productivity.

You drink caffeine and you get things done.

Or at least you drink coffee and you stare into the distance wired on a legal high.


‘Contagius’ by Jonah Berger

I’ve been quoting chunks of this book all year.

If you want to work out what makes people share so you can improve your content then this is for you.


Beer pong game

Pot the ball and then sink the drink.

Make Christmas come alive with this game of skill and chance.

Apple juice, gin, beer.

Whatever you like.


Calma Llama stress toy

Asked for a comms plan at the 11th hour again?

Overlooked for credit by the boss who thinks you’re invisible (apart from when you are not online?)

Reach for this stress busting toy because after all you’d like more staff but an email about mindfulness amongst the 75 an hour really makes all the difference. MORE HERE.

A truth twisters teatowel

Oh, the joy of seeing a rogue tweet emerge from a Government account.

But you can relive the joy with this parental advisory tea towel.


A bottle of Honeybee gin

When I asked for present ideas gin was nominated multiple times but only Honeybee was named checked so in it goes.

In 18th century London gin stalls were on every street corner as even the poorest paid pennies to suck a sponge dipped in mother’s ruin.

You’ll have top be pretty flush to afford this.


‘The Science of Storytelling’ by William Parr

If you’re looking to tell better stories in your content this is the book for you.


Thick of It Peter Mannion notebook

If you need inspiration the world will look a better place with this Thick of It notebook.

An idea in this baby will fly higher and work better than jotting down your thoughts in this number.


Inspirational pencil set

Have you had 12-hour days since lockdown v1.0?

Then pick yourself up off the floor and stop that thousand yard stare with these inspirational pencil set.

Lockdown 2.0? Bring on 3.0!


West Wing Bartlet ’98 t-shirt

If you watch the West Wing you can see how communications can lead to a better place.

If you wear a Bartlet ’98 t-shirt you can actually make a better place. MORE HERE.

A You dim motherf***er science is real tote bag

Head out to the shops with your face mask, gel and this bag that promotes science rather than Facebook science.

Dig in!


P&O&U&R classic t-shirt

Big words in a t-shirt that spell POUR.



A name one thing better than coffee… you f***king can’t

Mmmmmmm, coffee.

Wash your mug in your kitchen home inspiration station with this tea towel that says coffee is the one for you.

Floatation tank experience in London


This experience in a floatation tank can ease your stress.

Tiers of calm rather than tiers of stress.


Britain at its Best Top Trumps

Public sector?

There’s a Top Trump pack for you.

Stand on your doorstep and play away.

I think you’re on mute t-shirt



Can you say that aghain?

I think you’re on mute…


Trumpscape jigsaw by Cold War Steve

Hours to kill with no in-laws to avoid?

Dig into the artist-of-the-year Cold War Steve and look back fondly on Donald J. Trump.


Personalised barcode cushion

Thought you’d seen the back of QR codes?

Then 2020 happened and then back from Battlestar Galactica here they come.

Have one at home. Love it. Squeeze it. The barcode loves you and it’ll never leave.


Shiatsu neck massager with heat

If you need some relief from tension this neck massager may do the trick.

Do it on Zoom with the heat massager and get through that all staff meeting online.


A personalised rolling pin

For the keen baker in your life here’s a laser written rolling pin that leaves a message in your baking.


Thanks to contributors Vicky Croughan, Anna Owens, Katherine Toms, Samantha Gavan, Georgie Agass, David Bell, Susanna Griffiths, Siobhan Dransfield, Chelsea Hopkins, Sara Hamilton, Charlotte Bradshaw, David Grindlay, Matthew Dunn, Michelle Baillie and Josephine Graham.

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