30 days of human comms: #71 Joe Biden viral video clip

I’ve always said that human comms is something you can spot but can’t really manufacture.

It’s about being human and responding with warmth and without polish.

One clip this week during the US Presidential campaign caught my eye.

In it, the son of a man shot dead at a school shooting breaks with convention and runs to Biden.

“I’m his son,” he tells him and the pair hug.

Biden responds and gives him a hug telling the boy that ‘it’s going to be okay.’

It’s a simple unscripted moment.

The boy in the video is Corey Hixon the son of Chris Hixon whom was murdered while trying to stop students being killed in the Parkland school shooting.

The full story is here.

The power of the clip comes from the human response of Biden. It was tweeted by former White House photographer Arun Chaudhury in support of Biden but really comes alive online when it was shared by a member of the public.

In an era of cynicism and hate, Corey Hixon the young man in the video shines through with his human reaction to the loss of his Dad.

So does Joe Biden in his response to him.

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