CIPR CHANGE: A 23-tweet manifesto and why I’m voting for Peter Holt

Hello, reader. If you’re not a member of the CIPR you may want to scroll past this post.

Normal service will resume.

However, if you are a member of the CIPR you’ll have a vote on who will be President of this institute in 2022.

Can you spare a minute?

I’ve blogged this thread from Peter Holt posted earlier tonight which sets out why there is an urgent need in changing times for pressing change in the CIPR.

There are two good candidates in the race but there’s a number of reasons why I’m voting for Pete. This thread is part of it.

I’d also add that there’s another reason why I’m voting for him.

I first heard the story about Peter Holt 10 years ago and heard the same story repeated from different people in different parts of the UK. Always, the story was about how he got the need to change and encouraged those around him to work out what that change would look like. People looked back fondly. When I met him two years ago I could see the story I heard is true.

Here’s an example.

Over the summer, he was on a Zoom call with a former colleague who was going through difficulty at work. Peter sympathised and patiently talked through the options. It was wise counsel and encouragement generously delivered.

From talking to others this is entirely in character. A generosity of spirit and a determination to see people prosper in the profession he loves.

He’s got my vote.

Do take a read on where the CIPR is and what the answers could be.

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