COVID COMMS #22: What the Globalwebindex stats say how people are using media

Okay, because I’m a sucker for stats here’s some more.

July 2020’s GlobalWebIndex’s Coronavirus Reseasrch for July 2020 data on how people are spending their time during lockdown.

Here you go by demographic.

More time socialising with the family, watching video and creating video.

fig 1. How demographics are consuming media in July 2020 percentage increase (Globalwebindex, global stats, July 2020)

And also how UK adults are spending their time.

More time watching news, watching streaming services and time on messaging services.

fig 2. How UK adults are spending their time percentage increase (Globalwebindex, UK stats, July 2020)

All of the data points to the fact that the media landscape has been tossed up into the air and are settling in different ways.

How can this help public sector communicators?

Check what you are doing and don’t stand still.

Picture credit: Flickr / Documerica

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