30 days of human comms #69 South Warwickshire Foundation Trust’s letter to the children of staff

I’ve no doubt that historians will look back at this pandemic with wonder.

How did people cope? What did they do?

Often they’ll look at the big picture of the numbers and some key moments like the Prime Minister’s lockdown speech or they’ll look at fighting for toilet roll.

What they may miss is this. The period was 67 million stories of stress, bravery, boredom, frustration, grief, joy and tiredness. Every emotion, in fact.

Amongst those emotional stories are the children of key workers whose parents are doing key roles.

Step forward South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. They’re not the first people to do this but they deserve credit for doing it. A letter home from the chief executive to the children of staff thanking them for supporting their parent.

It’s also written in very plain English ‘My name is Glen,’ it begins.

The danger of calling three months into the pandemic ‘the new normal’ is you stop caring so much about your internal comms.

This would be dangerous.

Sometimes internal comms isnt to communicate a strategy or directive but just to say ‘well done’ and ‘thank you.’ That’s a lovely human thing to do.

Bravo South Warwickshire NHS Trust.

And bravo Mum.

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