CORONAVIRUS: People in the UK are heading to new sites more than social media

Some stats published by comscore this week show a marked thirst for information online since coronavirus struck.

In the UK and across Europe, people have been turning to the web to gather information.

General news media sites are outsripping social media sites for traffic.

Visits to news sites are up by around 50 per cent, according to the research Coronavirus pandemic and online behavioural shifts published by the research company.


The upward trend is also replicated with social media sites.

In the, audience is up by 20 per cent in comparison with the start of the year.


All this is useful data as public sector communicators wonder what steps to next take to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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  1. Dan, suggest editing the title (‘new’ > ‘news’) and adding a t in the text (‘outstripping’) while you’re at it 😉

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