UPDATED: What are the optimum lengths of social media video in 2020?

Like glaciers edging towards the sea the media landscape is changing slowly but surely.

When I first started blogging about video six years ago Facebook was putting a toe into the water and and TikTok hadn’t even been born.

And TikTok is probably the largest change over the past 12-months. I’ve blogged about the real short video platform before and it makes its debut in the charts this year.

Video remains a powerful way that people are consuming media. In the UK that’s true and the stats bear this out. Ofcom say that 70 per cent of the internet is video and almost half watch short video.

NEW 2020 video stats


Notes and queries on the research

YOUTUBE: The maximum length of 15 minutes can be increased to 12 hours through a straight forward verification step.  Optimum length is much shorter

INSTAGRAM: Maximum length was increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds with research via Newswhip suggesting a much shorter length. 

TWITTERMaximum length of 240 seconds   is comfortably within Hubspot’s suggested 45 seconds.

SNAPCHATMaximum length is a mere 10 seconds but Hootsuite suggest five seconds is the sweet spot.

PERISCOPE: A maximum length and the sky is the limit but there is no research on what the optimum length of a live broadcast is.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Can run for 240 minutes but 19 minutes is best say Buzzsumo.

LINKEDIN:  Five minutes is the most you can upload and there is research that the best length is 30 seconds.

TIKTOK. Irritated by the lack of data on the best video lengths I conducted my own measuring TikTok’s top 100 videos of 2019 to reach a 16-second average.



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