YULE LIST: A list of Christmas present ideas for comms, PR or digital people

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful… and you’re wondering what to get for the PR, communications or social media whizz in your life.

Here are some suggestions for your to buy the comms, PR or digital person in your life or maybe just for spending Amazon vouchers on.

For the mobile phone owner

phonerYou’re at home or work and you need to listen to your phone hands free. This retro TV bluetooth speaker is the one you want. Slide it in and it looks like you’re watching the telly with the sound far louder.

Buy one for about £15.

For the grammar nazi

toss1For £28, Modern Toss two mugs, a notebook, a bookmark and two cards. Marvellous value.

Absolutely perfect for the grammar nazi in your life but beware, you’ll need a parental advisory sticker so maybe think about where you’ll leave them out.

Buy one here for £28.

For the environmentally responsible Thick of It fan

dosacThe fictional government department in the Armando Iannucci satire is the Department of Social Affair and Citizenship – or Dosac. There’s a lot of coffee drunk. Here’s a way to celebrate your favourite comms show while not harming the planet. 

Buy one here for £12.

For the Bulls**t spotter

bullNothing says ‘bulls**t’ like pressing a button that tells the whole room. A flashing buzzer with five different sound effects and light which will be audible by the press of this button.

Buy one here for £7.89.


For the mobile phone owner

wadgeTurn your smartphone into a cinema, kind of, with this mobile phone projector.

Buy one here for £21.95.


For the fan of Jamie McDonald

mimsyMalcolm Tucker has all the attention. But for serious swearing it has to be senior press officer Jamie McDonald. And with this you can have a cup of tea and be reminded of his best lines. Parental advisory.

Buy one here for £12.


For the comms person faced with understanding online communities

buzz‘Buzzing Communities’ by Richard Millington is part autobiography and part data science. He begins his online life running a games forum online and gets the sack for not being able to explain whether or not he’s been a success. He runs an online course for several thousands of pounds and the book is a fine alternative.

Buy one for £15 here.

For the t-shirt and grammar fan

commaYou love spelling and you fancy yourself as a bit of a Lover Lover Man (or Woman) then this t-shirt is for you.

The Comma Sutra t-shirt.

Buy one for £16.99.


For the comms person aiming who is likely to be faced with an online storm

kate Kate Hartley’s book ‘Communicate in a Crisis’ is a handy guide if you may be faced with an online storm. It explains how the internet works, how a mob forms online and gives strategioes for how to cope with it. Tip: read it before you end up getting a kicking online. Otherwise you’ll end up with a icking for reading a book when you should be firefighting.

Buy one for £12.99.

For the stressed comms person

mindDeveloping a mindful lifestyle takes practise, time and patience. Old habits must be softened and replaced with new ways of thinking. So, this jar of tasks can help.

Buy one for £13.95.


For the comms person who likes notebooks

leuchFirstly, lets get something out of the way. Moleskine are lovely. But they’re over priced and they’re a rubbish size.

Wheras Leutchtterm are A4 and more practical. Fill your boots.

Buy one for £16.50


For the PR person who has to put a lipstick on a pig

praaThese stickers are handy. They fit in a discreet place on your keyboard and remind you of what you do with the message: ‘Public Relations: Because Someone Has to Make You Look Good.’ Silent win.

Buy one for £1.69


For the comms person who likes typography

fontsMany people take typefaces for granted. Good typography often gets taken for granted. It does its job effectively. Bad type choices really stand out and not always in a positive way.

‘Why Fonts Matter’ by Sarah Hyndman tells you why.

Buy one for  £11.77.

For the data geek

dataaaaLet’s face it data has a bad wrap. So why not celebrate your interest in numbers with a poster that lets you revel in it.

Buy one for £11.38.


For the comms curious

scienceWe are hard wired to respond to stories. Story telling has been an art for thousands of years. Will Storr’s book on ‘The Science of Storytelling’ is readable and credible. Based in science but able to spin a yarn.

Buy one for £8.81.

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