30 days of human comms: #64 Fallin Primary school children and their respect video



The basics of human comms is having real people talking in a way that feels real.

Step forward Fallin Primary school in Stirling who have made a delightful video on the subject of respect.

A number of children, police, teachers and school meals staff tell the camera what respect means to them. There’s subtitles and some delightful children. The school children aren’t from central casting. They’ve got broad Stirling accents.

The video was posted to the internet which means that I presume that the makers got permissions and GDPR all boxed off.

The power of this is that the family of those featured will be quick to share giving the video a greater reach.

Sub-titled it means the video can reach 80 per cent of the audience who watch video without sound.

While copmmissioned by an external company the fundamental video could be replicated with a smartphone, clip-on Rode microphone and some basic editing software.

The video can be seen here:

A thank you to Lisa Potter for spotting this.

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