NOW THINK: Why you need to avoid the tyranny of best practice



My attention was caught by a group of future communications leaders who were learning about best practice and for the life of me I couldn’t help but hear alarm bells ringing.

Best practice is something that has worked well in practice.

But the thing is, the world is so complex, what may be best practice 12-months ago often isn’t today.

When I dig behind something that has worked I’m often struck by the amount of research that has gone into it.

It is the act of research that’s the star of the show not the whizzy graphics.

A few years ago Sport England ran a campaign ‘This Girl Can’ that encouraged 2.8 million women of all sizes to do something to exercise. Suddenly, everyone wanted carbon copies.

Stop it.

Avoid best practice.

Instead, go and research to build your own beautiful ideas that will work today and if you’re lucky next week, too.

Picture credit: istock.

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