30 days of human comms: #63 the RNLI bat back The Times and Daily Mail


Here’s a thing to restore your faith in humanity.

The Daily Mail and Times runs a knocking piece on the fact that two per cent of what they spend goes to help save lives across the world.

Just reflect on that. Saving lives of people in poor parts of the world is somehow A BAD IDEA. That’s where we are as a country, it seems.


Tthe RNLI rather than cower in the bunker come out fighting.

They took to Twitter to point out that it’s two per cent of their budget they spend and they’ve never tried to hide the fact.

They also went to their Facebook page.

You may have read some misleading reports in the Mail and Times over the weekend about our international work.

We are…

Posted by RNLI on Monday, 16 September 2019

They also went proactive to thank supporters for their positive comments.

But while that was good the cherry on top of the cake was the #rnli_disgrace hashtag that turned into an ironic British thing that echoed the exact opposite of what you may think the hashtag was saying.

See? That’s exactly why sentiment trackers for British Twitter is utterly pointless and why we are – just – smarter than machines and Daily Mail and Times journalists.

Most human comms just shines a light on what the organisation does. This shows that the response to criticism can be pretty human, too.

Credit to them for thinking the same message across multi-platforms, too.

Credit also for mapping the rise in online donations in the light of the piece and swiftly communicating it.

Good work.

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