30 days of human comms #62: Caen Hill countryside centre’s animal rush hour


Caen Hill countryside centre is a charity in Wiltshire that encourages people to see for themselves country life.

The land is owned by Wiltshire Council but the operation is a not for profit organisation.

Their brief is to bring the countryside to the community and they use video amazingly well.

They have dedicated staff but they know the stars of the show are the animals they have.

This clip just brings a smile to my face.

The farmer opens the barn door talking about ‘rush hour’.

What rush hour is is a parade of animals all heading for the door to make the most of the day.

The farmer greets many of the animals by name, such as Cuthbert the goose and smudge the kitten.

It is entirely lovely. I’ve embedded the clip but you can see them here.

I’ve spent much of the last five years talking about what video can do.

A smartphone and permission to deploy it can lead to amazing content shot on video and posted online to reach new audiences. This video of animals on the farm does just that.

The video itself was posted to the video channel Tiktock as well as being shared on Twitter and then retweeted.

What is not to like?

Huge credit to Ben Whitehouse for spotting this.

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