WORD UP: You can’t ‘use’ a community Facebook group, you connect with it


‘Words are power,’ Yoko Ono once said.

I’m not sure what words describe the artist’s 1967 installation where she invited the audience to hammer a nail into a piece of wood.

In the audience was John Lennon who offered her five imaginary shillings to hammer an imaginary nail into the wood.

But still.

Two years ago I started to research Facebook groups and next month I’m helping deliver workshops that feature them strongly but one word above all always jars with me and I have to force myself to stop using it.

That’s the word USE.

As in the phrase: ‘How to USE Facebook groups’.

Because USE isn’t the right word.

We cannot USE.

USE is a single-use plastic wrapper of a word.

Facebook groups are places where like-minded people form an online community where there are admin to police them but people are largely free to start or contribute to a conversation.

So, you need words like…





While it’s important to use those words its really even more important to adopt the mindset those words mean. If you don’t, no-one gains.

vital facebook skillsI’m running a new workshop to help public sector people understand how to better use Facebook.

I’ll be joined by Sarah Lay for VITAL FACEBOOK SKILLS at a city near you.

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