30 days of human comms: #57 Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police


I’ve said it before but UK police can be flipping brilliant at delivering wry asides through social media.

The Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Facebook page posted this image of a phone as a kind of lost and stolen item.

But reading on, it also seems plain that the phone could be returned but only if there are responses to the £100 of steak its owner took and ran off with and the suggestion of drug dealing.

Wry and witty it paints a picture that the police are human, have a sense of human but also take shop lifting – and drug dealing – seriously.

You can see the original post here.

Thanks to Maria Jones for spotting this update from one of Nottinghamshire Police’s pages.

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  1. If accurately reported then there may be a breach of the Regulatory Investorgatory Powers RIPA through interception of communications in reading newly received texts. A clever post but perhaps not so clever Investigation.

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