TRUST: You need to change who is speaking for you

There’s been some excellent analysis of the annual Edelman Trust barometer.

Published every year for the last 20 years the global survey looks at who trusts who.

There’s a big pile of data and there’s a seperate UK set of numbers that you can look through.

There’s some useful UK takes, not least that traditional media has become more trusted and is seen as far more reliable than social media.  If you’re public sector you need to know that there’s been a Brexit-prompted collapse in trust in government in all aspects.

For me, the day-to-day single most useful slide can be found here. It rates who rates each source as credible.

edelman 2019

Trust the regular employee and the person like yourself

In 2019, a regular employee on 57 per cent is substantially more trusted than the chief executive or the director.

A person like yourself is trusted by 58 per cent and who that is changes from topic to topic.

Use this slide. Use it every day. Have it on your wall. Use it as part of a process to help advise whop is best to feature in your content. It’ll make it easier.

If your an organisation that will talk to people through top down means then brother, you need to change.

It’s more helpful to have a real person talking about the issue than a politician or a chief executive.

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