30 days of human comms #55: the firefighters who told a girl she COULD be a firefighter, too

Human comms is simply an organisation talking in a human voice.

Sometimes it is planned but often it is responding with a human voice to something which has happened.

So, bravo West Midlands Fire Service for responding to a tweet from a girl who didn’t think she could be a firefighter with video… of female firefighters.

The tweet and its video reply can be seen here:

In the tweeted response was liked 12,500 times with more than 2,400 talking about it.

The overall mood of the responses to the fire service was overwhelmingly positive with more than 1.1 million watching the clip. West Midlands Fire service blogged the figures and their surprise here in a corporate post.

The purpose of the clip was to tell people – and Esme in particular – that women can be firefighters, too. Figures on the number of female firefighters in the UK are hard to pin down but the London Fire Brigade have seven per cent while in 2012 the national figure was four per cent.

It is beautiful clip whose ROI will take time to pass through to the bottom line.

It shows that being human works that a video can be made for an audience of one and be shared and that content can be shot on a smartphone is effective. It also shows that women can be firefighters.

Full disclosure: I’ve helped deliver video skills training to West Midlands Fire comms staff who have picked up the ball and run with it.

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