FESTIVE SPARK: You’re creative at Christmas? Give yourself a present and stay this way the rest of the year


It’s Christmas and you can almost taste the mince pies in the air.

But aside from that the air is filled with that glorious commodity…. creativity.

My timeline is filled with imagination and experimentation.

There are videos, advent calendars, tips, jokes and things that grab my attention. Content that tries harder and flies higher than at other times of year. It’s almost like the shoes have been kicked off and the blow football has been cracked out on a school night.

It’s great to see.

The thing is, where is this spirit of experimentation for the rest of the year?

Creativity is for life. Not for Christmas.

Make yourself a New Years resolution to stay creative.

Picture credit: Tyne and Wear Museums / Flickr.

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  1. Creativity can be a wonderful year-long thing chief. I have a side-hustle second career as a church musician. While the weekly hymn sheet might not be a hotbed of innovation, I’m planning a big event in June with choirs from the local primary schools. The continuous opportunity for creativity is actually driving a change in how I work generally and sharpening my skills through use. Lots to be said for keeping your hand in all year, so to speak.

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