VIDEO SKILLS: Nine key facts and training to help shape your 2019 video strategy


Video will play a huge part in the success of your communications strategy in 2019.

When to use video and when not to is just as important as knowing how to shoot video for any effective communicator.

Key video insight for 2019

Smartphone use in the UK will pass 92 per cent by 2025 – source: Deloitte, 2018.

Those aged 16 to 24 in the UK spend on average an hour a day watching YouTube – source: Google, 2018.

Video will account for 82 per cent of web traffic by 2020 – source: Google, 2018.

There are more than twice as many people watching video on YouTube in the third quarter of 2018 at 1.2 trillion than 510 million on Facebook – source: Tubular Labs.

A majority of UK over 55s own a smartphone – source: Ofcom, 2018.

58 per cent of UK people with a mobile phone watch video once a week, Deloite, 2017.

The optimum length of a YouTube clip is almost three minutes compared to 15 seconds on Facebook – source: Google / Facebook.  

Sport recieved 1.8 billion views in the UK in first six months of 2018 – source: Tubular Labs.  

There are 25 million unique viewers a month of the Daily Telegraph Snapchat channel – source: Daily Telegraph.


As video is what your audience is likely to be consuming your video strategy will help you deliver a successful communications strategy.

To help you achieve this, I’m running workshops in 2019. Delivered along with cameraman, filmmaker and academic Steven Davies the sessions will help you plan, shoot, edit and post engaging comms video. We’ll make sure you are safe and legal, GDPR, copyright law and PSBAR compliant.

We’ve had four years of experience and have delivered training for more than 2,000 people across more than 300 organisations.

6.2.19 Friends House, Euston Road, London. For more information and to book click here.

7.2.19 Bond Company, Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. For more information and to book click here.

13.2.19 Leeds, Carriageworks, Millennium Square, Leeds. For more information and to book click here.

If those dates don’t work or you’d like in-house training drop me a line or @danslee on Twitter.

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