SMILE EXPERIMENT: Heard the one about #gdprjokes?

Okay, heard the one about the unsolicted email from someone offering GDPR services?

I know. Funny, isn’t it?

Or an inbox full of emails asking you to re-sign-up to an email list?

There are changes looming with how people look after other people’s data. It’s causing a lot of people to look nervously for a golden bullet. There isn’t one, of course. You need to read some stuff on the subject youself rather than outsource it.

So, as a break from it all, here are some jokes captured from Twitter. Why a hashtag? To see if people would see the funny side of GDPR. They did.  If you can’t laugh you’ll cry. The Erasure one is my favourite. How about you? I promise not to share.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the hashtag and who came up with jokes.

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