30 days of human comms: #33 Dorset Police respond to snark on Facebook

Anyone who has ever run a social media account for the public sector knows that from time to time people will post comments.

This ranges from the the helpful and questioning to the hostile and abusive. Abusive content, for my money, should never be engaged with. Have a swear filter on your Facebook page. Have a statement setting out what you’ll stand for and what you won’t.

This post from Dorset Police is perfectly judged. Someone complains that speed camera fines at Christmas go into the police’s pockets to spend on their Christmas party. It’s fake news and it is good to challenge it.

dorset police fb

The point is made that the government get the fines money, the police enjoy letting their hair down. But most importantly, the fines may help reduce some of the 27 deaths on the road across Dorset.

The level of likes in support of the comment show this was a well-received approach.

Thanks to Kristian Ward for this.

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