30 days of human comms: #26 The @FarmersOfTheUK Twitter account

You’d be surprised at just how little of the land is built on in the UK.

Just two per cent is concreted over  which leaves a lot of greenspaces. In towns that’s parks and gardens. Out of town, that’s farms and countryside.

There’s a massive split between town and country. Neither side really understands the other. I grew up on the edge of Stafford and live in the Black Country. My Dad was a countryman at heard from Cumbria. Do I know what makes farmers tick? Not at all.

Less than one per cent of the UK population is employed in agriculture so there aren’t many of them, either.

This is why the @farmersoftheuk Twitter works so well.

The account presents a new farmer every week. They’ll tweet through their day and they’ll talk about their job and their challenges.

This week? A turkey farmer. It is December.

Other weeks have seen other farmers and the account works best when you see the people mixed with shots of the farm. People, after all, connect with people.

The approach means that you can connect with people for a time and start to understand them better. And if all else fails a shot of dogs floating through your timeline has to work. well

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