30 days of human comms: #2 Jake the five-year-old street sweeper driver

Day two of a 30 day trek around comms that is recognisably human.

Step forward Doncaster Council for allowing five-year-old Jake to realise his dream not just of seeing a street sweeper but of carefully sitting at the controls of one too.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Doncaster Council has excelled at communications. Their tweeted thread of an abandoned speedboat caught the imagination of the internet.

What works?

These are staff who give a stuff and go the extra mile.  Instead of hiding behind process they made room for Jake to come to their depot and see a street sweeper.

Not only that, but video content shot by the council was distributed and re-used by other media outlets. Here it was the BBC who created a video that was posted to Twitter:

What is human content? It’s something that looks as though it has been shaped by real people. Why am I blogging for 30 days? Because human content can shape attitutes that makes calls-to-action more effective.

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