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5960779696_e3f6d18b46_oYears ago, it was all about putting press releases out and managing the message. Now, a fifth of public sector comms teams have an income target to meet. An income target? Yup. Here’s some ideas if this is you and some advance warning if it isn’t.

The world has changed and we are changing with it.

Income targets have become a reality for 20 per cent of public sector comms teams and that figure is likely to rise.

What the heck does that mean? A survey we ran with Granicus UK gave some fascinating insight. At the conventional end of things the income target was getting targeted by web ads and ads in your residents’ magazine. At the more creative end was hiring out car parks, hiring out co-working space and a whole lot more.

What he heck does all that mean?

Well, trouble, if you are not careful. The issue isn’t straight forward. What will your organisation stand? What buy-in do you have? What ideas can you come up with? How do you turn-in a profit? What skills do you need?

Together with my comms2point0 colleague Darren Caveney and Granicus UK’s Emma Howard we produced a rather fine download on income targets, comms and the public sector. You can download it here.

Back in September, myself and Darren spoke at Granicus UK’s annual event in London. I’m really pleased that a flavour of that will be offered as part of a webinar on Thursday November 23 from 2pm to 3pm. If you struggled to get to London that day this is perfect. It’s free.

Also taking part are:

Nicola Goode, Marketing and PR Manager, Bournemouth Tourism at Bournemouth Borough Council. Imre Tolgyesi, Partnership Manager, Commercial Services, South Staffordshire Council.

Dave Worsell, managing director, Granicus Europe.

Pop by. If you are having to sort an income target, this is for you. If you want toget up to speed in case you do, this is for you too. I can’t promise cake but you can bring your own.

Webinar: Income Generation Strategies and the Comms You Need to Succeed takes place from 2pm to 3pm on Thursday November 23. You can register free HERE.

Picture credit: National Archives UK / Flickr.

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