DEAD SIMPLE: Windows phone is dead and what that means for comms people


For the past three years I’ve been running training for comms people on how, why and when to use video.

Delivered with Steven Davies the sessions are a genuine delight.

One regular issue crops up and that’s the quality of tech that comms teams are served with. In a word it is ‘patchy.’

What comms people need to communicate is a phone that will help them communicate.

That’s a simple concept, isn’t it? But in practice this simple request can go through the prism of IT.

This is what you need:

  • An android or an Apple phone or tablet.

This is often what people get:

  • A Windows phone or blackberry that has no applications to edit video and post through social media to the internet.

The whole debate got a whole lot simpler this week when it emerged that Windows were no longer developing for the phone. In effect, as a product it is dead. Don’t buy it. But more importantly, don’t be railroaded by your IT team to buy them particularly at a time when the market will be flooded by cheap product.

I’m not suggesting the work-arounds to make email safe. I’m suggesting that with Windows or blackberry you aren’t able to communicate. Which for a comms person is fundamental.


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