There is nothing that is quite as good as showing you the fractured landscape than video.

Time was when there was one home for video and that was on YouTube.

You filmed it, posted it to YouTube and then pasted the URL all over the web but no longer.

How different optimum video length was born

Social media companies twigged that they were sending away audience for YouTube to make money out. They also twigged that the longer they spent on their own websites the more they could charge advertisers. So, native uploads were born. If you post video to Facebook on Facebook itself then Facebook rewarded you by showing more people your content.

But then it was discovered that the optimum length of video was different depending on the platform.  Facebook? 21 seconds. YouTube? Three minutes.

LinkedIn and video

The most recent change is for LinkedIn. The Microsoft company have introduced native uploads. The company in their own guidance suggest from 30 seconds to five minutes as the best time. So, I suggest a middle-of-the-road three minutes. I’ve blogged some ideas on how to use LinkedIn and video here.

video length august

More about the video skills workshops I co-deliver here.


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