VISUAL POWER: Four graphics that show video is powerful

Browsing some web stats I came across this peach of a gem. It’s about the amount of time spent watching YouTube’s most watched video.

What could have been produced while watching Gangnam Style

This, of course, remains Gangnam Style, the Korean rap song from 2012 that has had 2,691,003,293 views since it was first uploaded.

The Economist looked at the amount of time spent watching the video and worked out hypothetically what that time could have been used for. It’s eyecatching. Many Empire State Buildings, for one.

You can see the link here and the graphic here:


Of course, that all pre-supposes that the time spent watching the clip could instead have been used on construction. But the reality is that probably people would have spent the time watching cat videos instead.

All it does is illustrate is the amount of time people spend watching video.

90 per cent of information absorbed by the brain

From a short YouTube clip on infographics and what they can do for people.


What Mark Zuckerburg says the future is for video

Previous generations of social media have evolved from text to pictures and then finally to video.


The secret of video’s influence

Elsie Kramer’s slideshare looks at why images are working so well. She points out the evolutionary benefiot of doing things people can see.


By the way, I help deliver video skills workshops. They’re really good and you can learn more about one near you here.

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