BLOGVEMBER: A blog a day experiment and a viral dog video

Seven years ago I started to blog and everything that I do now is influenced by that decision.

I’m changing the way I blog.  Just as an experiment for November first. Maybe for good. Maybe not.

After talking with Ben Proctor and being impressed by Amanda Coleman and @gwynnek I’m going to post something every day. Sometimes on comms2point0. Sometimes on LinkedIn. Always here.

What is blogging? It’s thinking something through publicly, then keeping a public record of it to share.

Why change? Because I want to see what impact it has on how I do things. And because I quite fancy a place to develop half-thought thoughts as short reads or possibly longer. For the past couple of years I’ve been writing about things that I’m running a workshop or a session on. That’s fine. But I’d like to expand beyond that too.

Why #blogvember? Because a month feels achievable. Some content every day.

Why a dog video? Becuase I really don’t like reading pronouncements from other people about how they use social media. Just do it, chap. Go on. But this public declaration just to myself is sugared with a viral dog video just for you.


Just look at the little chap’s face.

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