PUBLIC HOPE: ‘People aren’t as bad as the Daily Mail would like you to think.’

A while back someone told me that people aren’t as bad as the Daily Mail would like you to think.

Twice this weekend the social web confirmed this.

First, a stabbing in London. A man is wrestled to the floor. His attacker claiming that this was for Syria.

‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.’ shouted a bystander. It becomes a hashtag.

It’s an instant London response that ordinary people can lend their voice to.

Second, in Cumbria flooding.

My 76-year-old Dad is from Keswick and is adamant he’s driving his Volvo up there because he’s got it in his diary. As a kid his home in High Hill flooded more than once when the Greta burst its banks.

We used Environment Agency flood warnings on their website and footage and pictures posted to Twitter to talk him out of it.

Elsewhere on Facebook, a friend spoke proudly of his sister who works in the public sector in Cumbria.

My sister was called out to man a reception centre. She was picked up at 11pm by mountain rescue. She had to walk through sewerage to get there. They got stranded in the cold and wet. She had to get showered when she got there. She doesn’t know when she’s there until nor what she will be doing. But she’s done it, without moaning. And is a bloody star.

A stabbing in London and burst rivers in the Lake District. What was the common link between the two?

In both, the public sector raced to the danger.

Police, local government, fire and ambulance headed to the trouble and communicated in realtime.

I tried and tried but I couldn’t see one single one of those who snipe at the public sector wrestle the knifeman to the ground or fill a sandbag.

If you are public sector, be very proud.

If you are not, just know that they are not as bad as the Daily Mail would like you to think and one day you’ll need their help.


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  1. I was much heartened to hear a BBC reporter comment that the local council in Keswick [it’s Allerdale BC] was doing a fine job in difficult circumstances. One doesn’t usually hear praise for local government authorities in such situations. A big thumbs up from me to Allerdale and Cumbria County Council and of course all the others in flood affected areas this weekend. Keep up the good work!

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