NEW DATES: Reflecting on the 23rd iteration of training to give the essential comms skills

It was the words of a frustrated comms person struggling with the changing landscape that stuck with me.

“It keeps bloody changing,” they said. “Can’t you just run a training course with everything I need to know. I’d come to that.”

Time went by and the comment stuck in my head. I’m pleased to say that this week marked the 23rd iteration of that idea. Getting on for 200 people have taken part from more than 50 organisations.

Huge thank you if you’ve come along.

I’ve long thought that its my job to know the landscape and how its changing and evolving. Like renowned newspaper Harold Evans I’ve long been intoxicated by the power and possibility of the internet. But it’s not just the next thing, its also some well worn principles like comms planning and evaluation that people also need.

Knowing Facebook groups, WhatsApp for Business, TikTok and Nextdoor, the media landscape are useful. But so is having strategies for when people shout at you online.

I was absolutely clear that people were too busy and didn’t want to sit on a Zoom call all day. So I chunked them into five hour-long sessions.

There’s some new dates up if you too like the frustrated comms person need everything you need to know.

May 4 programme #17 1pm

May 17 programme #18 11am

May 26 programme #19 9.30am

The ESSENTIAL COMMS SKILLS BOOSTER programme aims to give the knowledge you need in a changing landscape in hour-long chunks that fit into a busy day.

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