BY NUMBERS: What Amazon’s leaked template can tell you about email marketing

Amazon’s email template got accidentally posted to the internet this week.

It’s a colour-by-numbers template for how to communicate and gives an insight into how a large company communicates.

The template is writing by formula and given Amazon’s multi-billion pound worth there’s probably something in it.

Start with an image, a short summarising headline and then the length of the sentences.

It’s the sentence length that really grabs me.

Short, short, short and then allow yourself to be long and florid and allow the text to sing.


Statista shows that 89 per cent of the UK population over 16 send and receive email monthly.

Yet the average open rates for the UK are marginally less than 25 per cent.

It’s tempting just to cut and paste the Amazon approach into all your email marketing. It’s the golden fleece! Surely? But the thing about Amazon is they experiment and test.

You give that a go.


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