POST HASTE: Your dull cheque presentation pic… what do you want to achieve?


There is a reason why I try and search for people outside my home sector. 

While I love things I’m local government and the public sector you can always learn.

It’s why I follow Madeleine Sugdon on Twitter. She is third sector but she’s always on point.

Her delicious eye-roll of a post about cheque presentations is a good one. You can read it here. The post in three words?

‘Don’t do it.’

I liked it for three reasons.

It is a useful reminder of something I first heard as a junior reporter in the 1990s. It’s not a giant cheque that is of interest. It is what they did to raise it or who they will help.

News is people.

It’s also striking that 20 years on we still have to tell people to steer away from such old school things.

It’s a useful reminder that the job of a decent comms person is never done. Some battles need re-fighting over and over.

It all comes back to asking the question… ‘What is it you are trying to achieve?’

And I’d add a second one:

‘For who?’

Picture credit: Psheubj / Flickr

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  1. *sigh* I say this over. and over. and. OVER. But they go straight to the graphics team and get the darn thing made anyway.

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